We train smarter, not harder.

The most successful organizations regularly invest in their most valuable resource first – their employees. The business landscape is not stagnant, training is required to simply keep up. If you want to maintain your current level of success, you need to train your employees. If growth is your goal, you need a staff development plan.
BMG Offers
Team Building
Strengths-Based Development

What you'll get

We have a library of over 75 training titles and activities. Our team of Certified Strengths Coaches have experience managing successful businesses right here in Alaska, and are able to facilitate "real life" questions throughout a presentation. This means you will be working with a special teams coach and a professional playbook that will:

Improve your customer service with targeted professional development.


Reinforce training curricula with supplemental materials from highly respected sources.


Review and evaluate case studies that are timely and relevant to your business and your employees.


Finding your natural talents, and as the result, maximizing your productivy and performance.


Learning how to engage your employees, avoid employee turnover, and reduce burnout.


Individual development plan and professional coaching.


Training Topics

  • Prioritization: Managing Deadlines
  • Gallup Strength Assessment
  • Conflict with Conversation
  • Tools for Professional Communication
  • Team Building
  • Leadership Communications: Talk like a leader
  • Increasing Emotional Intelligence
  • Managing Stress
  • Organizational Trust
  • How to Manage Your Emotions
  • HIPAA and Privacy Compliance
  • Fundamentals of Strategic Planning
  • Productive Work Habits
  • Financial Intelligence
  • Time Management
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Phone: 907-276-5707
Contact us for a free consultation
Phone: 907-276-5707