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The ability to sustain and grow in a competitive market depends on your ability to evaluate, adapt, and change. To meet external demands, you need a core infrastructure that supports your revenue generating operations.

BMG Offers

BMG services project management
Project Management
BMG services HIPAA compliance
HIPAA Compliance
BMG services strategic HR
Strategic HR
BMG services security assessment
Security Assessment
BMG services policies and workflow
Policies & Workflow
BMG services process implementation
Process Implementation

What you'll get

We understand that every client and every project is unique. Consequently our work with you is confidential. You can rest assured that our review, analysis, and recommendations remain in that umbrella of confidentiality. Keeping the trust between you and BMG in mind, we work collaboratively with you so that recommendations are not only based on best practices, but are ones you can live with. BMG will assist you by:
Identifying and bridging the gaps between your mission and your actual results.
Improving productivity and employee engagement with "rightsizing" – having the right people doing the right things. As well as developing key performance indicators (KPI's) and the tools necessary to measure them.
"Trim the fat" with lean processes and workflows; and leveraging activities with current staff.
Writing standards, policies and procedures that are both compliant and useful.
Mitigating risk by providing a gap assessment through evaluating current activities against existing policies and procedures.
Offering a 360O review of your customer satisfaction to objectively improve service delivery.
Once someone is taught how to see the waste in a process, he will see it everywhere.
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E-mail: admin@bmgak.com
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Contact us for a free consultation
E-mail: admin@bmgak.com
Phone: 907-276-5707