The most successful organizations regularly invest in their most valuable resource first – their employees. The business landscape is not stagnant: training is required to simply keep up. Even record-breaking athletes practice the fundamentals. If you want to maintain your current level of success, you need to train your employees. If growth is your goal, you need a staff development plan. For a company to maintain or to grow, key training activities should be taught and reviewed several times per year. We train smarter, not harder. And we have fun doing it!

What can BMG offer?

We have a library of over 75 training titles and activities. Our team of presenters has experience managing successful businesses right here in Alaska, and is able to facilitate “real life” questions throughout a presentation. This means you will be working with a special teams coach AND a professional playbook that will:

• Improve your customer service with targeted professional development
• Facilitate participant engagement–this enriches training with valuable and varied perspectives and experiences
• Reinforce training curricula with supplemental materials from highly respected sources
• Review and evaluate case studies that are timely and relevant to your business and your employees
• Leave participants with specific development goals for them as an individual and as a team

Our training programs include Customer Service, HIPAA and Privacy Training, Team Building, Conflict Resolution & Leadership.

I have never received this level of follow up.  This is phenomenal.  Definitely sets BMG aside and adds a level others don’t offer.

-S.H., Public Training Attendee

Professional Series Training

Advancement through these courses will provide your team with skills based on best business practices, while creating buy-in and reenergizing them for future growth.

These courses are offered as Public Seminars or can be customized specifically for your team. Typically these training seminars are presented to groups of 15 to 50 participants.

  • Change Agent: How to handle chance and upheaval

  • The Go To Person’s Workshop: How to Make yourself indispensable

  • How to Manage Your Emotions

  • Ideas into Action

  • Increasing Emotional Intelligence

  • Leadership Ground Work: An introductory class

  • Meeting Management

  • Motivating Employees

  • Diversity in the workplace (includes a generational component)

  • Navigating Difficult Conversations

  • Organizational Trust

  • Productive Work Habits

  • Selling Essentials ( 4 hour, 1 and 2 day classes available)

  • Assertive Skills

  • Balancing Priorities

  • Business Etiquette

  • Delegating for Growth

  • Customer Service over the Phone

  • Civility in the Workplace

  • Team Excellence

  • Time Management

  • Women in Leadership

  • Managing Offsite Employees

  • Resolving Conflict at Work

  • Resilience

  • Developing Positive Relationships at Work

  • Defining Team Roles and Responsibilities

  • Learning to Manage

  • Adapting Your Style

  • Skillful Collaboration

  • Financial Intelligence

Additional Titles upon request. Courses may be customized, call us for more information

Executive Series Training

Our expert consultants conduct one and two day classes for highly-developed teams, management and C-Level professionals. The content of these sessions includes: learning-based discussions, real-world application, and expert feedback and facilitation.

The Executive Series is intended for groups no larger than 15 participants.

  • Developing Your First Team: Empowering and development of your direct reports

  • C-Level Communications: Consistency in communications

  • Coaching Skills: Developing direct reports and hosting the difficult conversations

  • The Big Picture: Fundamentals of strategic planning

  • Your Next Move: Succession planning

  • Leadership Communications: Talk like a leader

  • Decision Makers: Why we struggle with tough decision and the toughest leadership challenges

  • Is it People or Process: Performance Management

  • The Art of Influencing Others (2 day course)

One-on-one executive coaching available upon request.

Getting Started

We offer customized approach to providing resources and support in developing your vision for your company. Click here for more information about our free initial consultation and pricing, and then give us a call at (907) 865-8800.