hollowflower Alaskan legacy companies are rich with entrepreneurial spirit. However, the original business approach that brought success may not sustain or ensure that the current infrastructure will withstand growth.

What can BMG offer?

We provide executive support to develop or refine your strategic plan. Owners and executives are surrounded with experts in each area of their business, but often those areas struggle with cohesion. This imbalance can affect the bottom line, but BMG can help you put it all together. We provide input while acting as an executive “sounding board” and asking the tough questions that often others won’t. Calling upon our broad industry experience, we objectively look at your strategic plan, evaluate current operations, recommend best business practices and highlight opportunity. In doing so we will:

  • Present creative solutions to your concerns

  • Work collaboratively with objective, executive-level consultants to ensure your strategic plan is consistent with your vision and mission

  • Energize and engage the executive team to passionately pursue goals

  • Teach you how to alter your strategy for maximum growth, efficiency, and sustainability


Brand Refresh

Companies should refresh their image from time to time. We offer business-oriented, common sense work-shopping sessions to help you re-establish your brand. Often, this process leads to legacy brands situating their established history within current trends.

Annual Planning Sessions

Our clients tell us time and again the value of having annual meetings facilitated by an objective, trusted intermediary who can help ask difficult questions. Leaving a meeting that we facilitate you can rest assured that you will receive a follow up document highlighting: direction, decisions made, and opportunity for the coming year.

Executive Coaching

Although it is an often overused term, “coaching,” is a must to our BMG professionals. Even though you most likely have all of the expert help you need under your own roof, having an objective professional who has spent time in the corner office, and understands the responsibility that comes along with success can be invaluable.

Business Development

At BMG, we understand that you might be so busy providing excellent service, that creating, implementing and measuring efforts to expand your business can be overwhelming. Our team of consultants can help you assess the current market, even take a look at your competition and develop a one or two year strategy that takes you from where you are to where you want to be.

Organizational Development

Our senior consultants understand the importance of having the right people in the right positions. We often assist organizations with designing functional organization charts. In small to midsize businesses we see this as a working outline, that should have some ability to flex with and account for the gifts of the individual while keeping the organization in mind.

Getting Started

We offer customized approach to providing resources and support in developing your vision for your company. Click here for more information about our free initial consultation and pricing, and then give us a call at (907) 865-8800.