hollowflower Regardless of your industry, evaluation of service delivery improves professional relationships, encourages growth, and mitigates risk. Enhancing your client’s experience is the perfect way to differentiate you from your competition.

What can BMG offer?

Our consultants have experience across nearly all business sectors. As an advisor, we partner with you to retain existing clients by enhancing their experience, and to make it nearly impossible for new customers to choose the competition. We help you to develop processes that consistently monitor and enhance service delivery by providing objective evaluations through the eyes of your client or customer. We can revitalize and enhance service delivery by:

  • Improving your processes for consistent service delivery

  • Creating high functioning teams through targeted staff development

  • Delivering timely, relevant “Lessons Learned” that can be incorporated into your next project for continuous improvement

  • Conducting environmental scans that provide insight into both your clients’ needs and wants and how well you stack up against your competition

BMG programs can include…

Mystery Shopping

Whether your company is doing extremely well or could be doing better, knowing not only what your current customers think, but engaging in an objective experience is exponentially beneficial.

  • Customer Satisfaction

  • Comparative experiences

  • Loss Prevention

Employee Development Programs

In industries such as Medical, Dental and Restaurant the hiring pool can be shallow. If your company wants to set a higher level of expectations, this is best met by consistently communicating and training the fundamental requirements to meet your customers (high) expectations.

  • Customized Training Series

  • Training Protocols

  • Onboarding (conducted by you or by BMG)

Competitive Analysis

The more we know about our business and our industry, the more likely we are to miss out when our competition is gaining ground. By having an outside analysis we can offer quantitative measures to what you suspect subjectively. Our clients (and we) are often surprised!

  • Mystery shopping

  • Web presence analysis

  • Price or Value Comparisons

  • Demographic analysis

Customer Service Survey

We can help you to gather feedback from your customers in a way that is most meaningful to your business. The changes you make should be quantified and measurable so that you know what success looks like when you achieve it!

  • Target market surveys

  • Existing customer surveys

  • Focus groups

  • Project debriefs/lessons learned

Getting Started

We offer customized approach to providing resources and support in developing your vision for your company. Click here for more information about our free initial consultation and pricing, and then give us a call at (907) 865-8800.