hollowflowerPhilanthropy is more than a donation.  It’s reputation management, it’s good business and it’s employee engagement.  Now more than ever organizations rely on the generosity of businesses to support a vibrant and safe community. Businesses often donate to nonprofits as the requests are submitted or based on the decision-makers relationship to the cause. Strategic philanthropy is more: it allows an organization to define priorities, create partnerships and realize a greater return on social investments. Strategy allows the business to easily decline requests without reputation risk and develops valuable partnerships for both the business and the organizations they support.

What can BMG offer?

At BMG, we provide a comprehensive approach to developing and delivering a strategic philanthropy plan by utilizing experts with extensive knowledge in public relations, social responsibility and nonprofit development — something most business owners cannot afford.

BMG programs can include…

Brand Management

      • Strategic Visioning


      • Clear Prioritization


      • Messaging

Philanthropic Budgets

      • Comparative Analysis


      • Strategy Review


      • Policy Design

Partner Management

      • Donor Request Review


      • Summarized Recommendations


      • Approval and Declination Process

Getting Started

We offer customized approach to providing resources and support in developing your vision for your company. Click here for more information about our free initial consultation and pricing, and then give us a call at (907) 865-8800.