hollowflowerThe ability to sustain and grow in a competitive market depends on your ability to evaluate, adapt, and change. To meet external demands, you need a core infrastructure that supports your revenue generating operations. In an ever-changing environment, looking for risk, opportunity, and improvements in efficiency is an ongoing necessity. It’s a journey, not a destination! Let us guide you.

What can BMG offer?

We look at your business objectively. We understand that every client and every project is unique. We believe your business is just that: your business. Consequently our work with you is confidential. With that, you can rest assured that our review, analysis, and recommendations remain in that umbrella of confidentiality. Keeping the trust between you and BMG in mind, we work collaboratively with you so that recommendations are not only based on best practices, but are ones you can live with. At BMG we:

  • Identify and bridge the gaps between your mission and your actual results

  • Take proactive steps to buttress fluctuations in markets and economies

  • “Trim the fat” with lean processes

  • Leverage activities with current staff when possible

  • Mitigate risk by providing a gap assessment through evaluating current activities against existing policies and procedures

  • Improve productivity and employee engagement with “rightsizing” – having the right people doing the right things

  • Develop key performance indicators (KPI’s) and the tools to measure them

  • Write standards, policies and procedures that are both compliant and useful

  • Offer a 360 review of your customer satisfaction to objectively improve service delivery

  • Evaluate full time equivalent (FTE) staff member per measurable unit of production

  • Provide expert sub-consultants for evaluation when necessary in key areas such as Finance, IT Network Capability and Security or Human Resources

BMG programs can include…

Process Implementation

Change is hard, and when it comes time to roll out a new technology or a new standard operating procedure, we have a team of experts that can be on site assisting with the successful launch. By assigning new process implementation to BMG as a project instead of stacking it on top of employees’ already full schedules, our clients enjoy long term cost savings through a proactive approach.

  • Lean management strategies

  • Review of work flows, process improvement

  • Employee training

  • Team building

Security Assessment

  • Understand your digital, physical, and financial risk

  • Protect your “secret sauce,” project work, and financial information

  • Review and understand the importance of sound policies and procedures

  • Obtain an objective IT assessment to hold your IT support team accountable

  • Look at physical security on behalf of your assets and your people

Business Process Management

  • Gap Assessment: compare actual with desired performance.

  • SWOT Analysis: analysis of your operations to make informed decisions that result in competitive advantage.

  • Lean Management Strategies: a systematic method to investigate, analyze, and understand which activities add value and eliminate those that don’t.

Strategic Human Resources

  • Right Sizing

  • Role Definition

  • Standards of operation

  • Job Description

Policies and Procedures

Communicating expectations is key to a healthy and productive environment. Often companies look at policies and procedures as a compliance measure, we approach them as an opportunity to provide clarity to the organization and their employees.

  • Onboarding tools that encourage communications on the first day

  • Work flows to document how work is getting done

  • Lean management review

  • Development of custom operations manuals

  • HR manuals customized for your particular work environment and industry needs

Getting Started

We offer customized approach to providing resources and support in developing your vision for your company. Click here for more information about our free initial consultation and pricing, and then give us a call at (907) 865-8800.