You are not consultants, you are Implementation Specialists. Paula comes in and assesses the situation, develops a strategic solution. The team follows and provides the hands on implementation. She is genius at being able to engage employees, and understands the obstacle but moves it out of the way to keep the momentum going.


-Doctor & Owner, Private Practice

Paula coached our engineering project managers on how to be more effective communicators with clients and in public settings. To say that many of the engineers were hesitant about the training and outside their comfort zone is an understatement. Paula not only put them at ease, she adapted the training to each unique set of managers. They walked away with a new set of skills and feeling much more confident.



Paula has a great deal of business management knowledge. She listens, thinks and then responds. I have noticed sometimes she says absolutely nothing – which is good. In the case of a corporate retreat where the group was heading into the weeds, she was able (most of the time! ☺) to bring the topic back around and stay the course. She is very energetic (emails at 3:00 a.m.!) and delivers what she says when she says.

-Oil and Gas Services Support Company

Paula holds “the ability to multi-task strategically and see the big picture; risk stratification in any arena; keen financial analytics, always (almost) upbeat energy.

-Medical Administration

Paula Bradison has the unique ability to empower team members to recognize their strengths and weaknesses, and bridge these gaps to align with the organization’s operational goals. She was able to assist in the implementation of a sustainable business model while identifying key areas of opportunity. Focusing on “opportunities” instead of “challenges” has allowed the organization as a whole to move forward in a positive direction.

-Emergency Medical Response

Having worked with Paula and the Bradison Management Group for several years now, I can say that there isn’t a company of any size, or function, that would not benefit from her many years of experience. Even when Paula has had to inform us of things we may not want to hear, she is always able to put it into a context which makes things better, either for us, or for our clients. Either way, everybody wins.

-Computer and Data Forensics