hollowflowerThe team at BMG is comprised of consultants with specific expertise in helping to develop your growing business. In addition, we have a strong team of sub-consultants to help us in very specialized areas so that as your business develops we can assist in sometimes highly technical ways. Depending on the project, it is our goal to be as little or as much involved as you want our team to be.

Paula Bradison, Founder
Senior Consultant || Operations • Strategy

Paula BMGPaula has dedicated her professional career to helping develop professionals in the workplace. As a 4th generation Alaskan business owner, she learned the benefits of a strong work ethic and willingness to ask for guidance early on. After she graduated from High School in Wasilla (don’t hold that against her), she attended Northern Arizona University where she enjoyed a semester abroad at the London School of Business, University of London. She returned to Alaska, where she attained her Small Business Administration degree at the University of Alaska, Anchorage.

After a 20 year career as an Executive Director in Healthcare, and Paula decided to expand into a variety of industries. In the time since then, she has conducted multiple training seminars, coaching sessions, operational/financial controls assessments, facilitation, board development and business planning. Her straightforward and honest approach to business provides a practical perspective to complex issues.

Paula has a deep desire to improve things and facilitate constructive change. Where many people might only see things as they are right now, Paula looks for the way things could be made better or to draw connections between seemingly different situations and processes. Once she sees these opportunities, Paula works tirelessly to realize them through her work ethic and her skills as a communicator.

Memberships & Community

Awards & Certifications

  • American College of Medical Practice Executives
  • Certified Medical Practice Executive
  • American Academy of Professional Coders 2000
  • Certified Professional Coder
  • Certificate in Interviewing and Interrogation Spring 2013
  • John E. Reid and Associates
  • Recipient of the 2007 Psychologically Healthy Workplace Award on behalf of Anchorage Women’s Clinic, LLC.


  • Alaska Dental Society Annual Meeting (2015, 2016)
  • Anchorage Chamber of Commerce 2014
  • MGMA National Conference San Diego, California (2008)
  • MGMA State of Alaska Conference Anchorage, Alaska (2008, 2013)
  • Miss Alaska Pageant Workshop Developing Professional Skills for the Future (2012, 2013)
  • Alaska Young Professional’s Summit (2016)

ruleKelly Stewart
Senior Consultant || Project Management

Kelly black and whiteKelly is a talented professional who has honed her skills as a problem-solver in more than 25 years of management experience in a broad range of industries, such as the energy, telecommunications, environmental, government, and non-profit sectors. She has a knack for identifying fundamental but subtle problems and developing solutions to correct those weaknesses. This talent is strengthened by Kelly’s focus on long-term goals and strategies rather than immediate half-measures. Because of this, she excels in making complex situations simple to understand by breaking them down to their elemental factors and facilitating comprehensive step-by-step solutions.

In practice, this means that Kelly has specialized in leading teams that create strategic plans, proposal responses, service level agreements, key performance indicators, project management guidelines, cost controls, and update management procedures. Kelly has applied her methods with clients in various disciplines, including information technology, project controls, operations, finance, and service delivery.

ruleJeff Lincoln

Senior Consultant || Employee Engagement

Jeff Lincoln BMG

Jeff has been successfully leading sales and operations teams for over 20 years with an emphasis on troubleshooting underperforming business units. Each situation he encountered had one thing in common, disengaged teams. Jeff understood early on that engaged employees make a business successful regardless of the industry.  It was with a passion for seeing businesses thrive while their employees find fulfillment in their careers that spurred the foundation of Lincoln Consulting. Lincoln Consulting helps organizations drive their initiatives through employee engagement by coaching leaders,  training communication, and emotional intelligence, and assessing/advising business leaders on a staffing and retention model that works for them. Lincoln Consulting equips employers and their teams to grow, collaborate, and win together.


Resident Experts

When necessary, we have the resources to call upon sub-consultants and subject experts who specialize in areas such as IT and Network Management, Tax Advice, Legal Counsel, Forensic Accounting, Information Security, and Technical Writing/Editing. Part of the benefit of our organization is to identify areas of opportunity and expertise within your organization and utilize the talent of other experts when necessary. We are committed to providing expert advice even when that may be outside of our organization!


Website Design, Development & Strategy

Taughnee Stone
Sub-consultant|| Web Design

Taughnee is an award-winning designer with over 15 years experience designing websites for clients from Alaska and all over the world. She has a professional and academic background in communications and website usability, giving her a unique perspective that ensures both organizational and user needs are met through her user-friendly designs. She has managed concept-to-completion website development projects both large and small and stays current on the latest trends in technology, marketing on the web, and best practices in web development.

She holds a bachelor of arts degree from Purdue University, where she graduated with distinction.


Other areas we readily access as BMG valued relationships:

Graphics Design
IT Network Administration
Information Security
Accounting and Bookkeeping
Medical Coding and Billing